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April 22nd, 2012

In the late 80-s, early 90-s I had a black t-shirt with two sparking yellow eyes on it. In fact it was my cousin’s (no idea where she got it from) but she never got it back from me. I wore it much too often I am afraid. I simply loved it. It was only years later when I learned that these two eyes from the t-shirt were the CATS logo and it was some more yeas after when I heard the music from the musical.

I thought I will never have the chance to see its original version and I was right.

Last year on a cold November day I glanced through my office window and there above the CAT’s exit stretched was the CATS poster. It must have been there for days although I have not noticed it. That same day I got two 1st class tickets for me and Lora. The performance was today and although in German it was truly magnificent. I had some concerns whether I will like it since I am used to the English sounding and gratefully my concerns vanished as soon as the play began.

Lora was impressed too and was concentrated almost for the whole two and a half hours. She even asked herself to be photographed with the theater cat.

This production is the original London version of Cats.

Getting ready

In the cat’s paws (the best I could do with my iphone and the light on the stage)

Now reading about CATS I realized that I was in NY and missed the opportunity to see The Phantom of The Opera, oh. I still have a chance though, hopefully it will continue for 1-2 more years.

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