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April 22nd, 2012

My business trip started in a rush. I went for the first possible city center check in (at 5 AM), caught the first city airport train and speeded through the airport which for my dismay was overcrowded at that time (not yet 6 AM). The plane to Dusseldorf was completely sold out and I kept wondering what were these people doing that early. I guess the answer is pretty simple, like me they were headed to some business of theirs.

The flight was quick. Dusseldorf was cold both in respect of people’s attitude and weather. Luckily the transfer was fast and soon I was on my way to Malaga. Nothing to say about this city. It looks much too touristic and overbuilt to me. It doesn’t look beautiful either, excuse me Malaga. I found my driver and in 1.5 hours reached Gibraltar.

Now why I decided to write this post. I have been to this place several times and there is not much to tell about it. I have summarized it all in another post already. So what was the difference, it was the other side of the Rock. I have not been there so far and this time I was more or less forced to see it since the Eliott Hotel was booked out and I had a reservation for another one called Caleta (there is a photo of this incredible building below). When the car left me in front I got scared as it was crumbling from outside (later understood that on this entrance side, the rooms are not used). I dared through the doors and was faced with some funny old fashioned designs and relatively friendly staff. Got the card for my room and headed towards it through a corridor which had ups and downs and was turning left and right not at 90 degrees. I imagine this was due to the fact that the hotel is perched on a rock on the edge of the see or rather the land. After some attempts to enter the room I finally managed it and was relieved but not for long. As I was sitting on the bed I heard an underground voice calling “Stoeva” and “help”. I looked startled around me and eventually decided that the siri is playing tricks on me (I had the iphone in my hands and was unsuccessfully trying to find a network). Unfortunately the ghostly voice reappeared in several minutes and this time I was sure my ears are all right and there is something calling me indeed. In the next moment something showed on the TV screen which was black up to that point. It turned out that it was customized for me and was trying to help me obviously into finding the right whatever…

This Caleta hotel is a truly amazing one. Built in the 60-s it has not changed much since. You can enjoy beautiful, beautiful sunrises there (between 7:30 and 7:45 AM) and good food in the Italian restaurant. The nearby beach is not really attractive but there are some cute colorful shells washed out by the sea. In case you ever go there make sure you will get a renovated room!

The other side of the Rock is almost vertical with a tiny strip of land between the rock and the sea. I didn’t see any monkeys although I am sure they were present around. There are 3 beaches on this side too and that is more or less all about it.

Somewhere close to Malaga…

All photos of the sea are done from my hotel room either before 7:45 AM or after 9 PM. The hotel is facing east so below are some sunrises.


A thunderstorm over Schwechat on my way back

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