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January 21st, 2009
Following an intense year, 2008 started quietly… until one Friday evening on the first day of February when Lora came. She appeared, crying out loud for her place in this world and in our hearts and life.

Now she is part of every us, running around, demanding, undeniably convinced in her wishes and she is a kid, the baby has grown up and is a big joy for us. I still remember the endless counting of the passing days in the beginning. This period lasted like forever..

Then September came and Madonna’s longly awaited performance was experienced thoroughly.

December and The Alps. I will remember this bloody cold Hintertux trip not only for my first skiing in the Alps but also with the first steps of Lora. Oh and I am so happy about the sleigh. It is one of those things which may seem to you as something just residing in the basement but for me it is a different story. It carries kind of magic and reminds me of my childhood when we were riding our wooden sleighs on the slope near my house. I remember how soaked and frozen i usually was but i wouldn’t give up until the end of the ride.

It was a year full of emotions and it was a new start… leading us where? We will see…
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